This is a very interesting topic for me because I am currently in a union, but do not participate in any of the decision making. OSU University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) full time staff are able to join a union known as SEIU 503, which negotiates with the university for cost of living raises,… Continue reading Unions

Stress and Adaptation

The self surveys that we did were very interesting. I enjoyed looking at the results and wish I could see more of them to see how I scored in other aspects. For the Life Stress Inventory, I scored a 144, which is a fairly low life stress level. One of the main reasons I scored… Continue reading Stress and Adaptation


One of the biggest factors for many people in finding and sticking with a job is compensation. I know this is certainly true for me. When I decided to leave the job I was at previously, I looked into an opportunity to become a full-time staff member at OSU. While the pay per hour was… Continue reading Compensation


Throughout my career, I have been through the interview process several times with several different styles. The most notable interviews were at a brewing company I worked for briefly and at Oregon State University, where I now work. Brewing Company At the brewing company, the interviewer talked too much about her business instead of asking… Continue reading Interviews

Job Descriptions

When I think about job descriptions, I remember that many places I have worked only had verbal job expectations given to their employees. I would come into the interview, and the manager would essentially just list a bunch of things that I could expect to be doing in a day. It was difficult to keep… Continue reading Job Descriptions