Labor Unions

Labor unions are quite controversial in some work places, and have both pros and cons to them. Labor unions can be seen in a variety of fields from healthcare to manufacturing companies. Personally, I work in healthcare and do not work under a union, although a large portion of hospitals like mine are unionized. While… Continue reading Labor Unions


I took the life stress inventory test and had a relatively high score. I know on paper a good portion on the changes and events that have occurred in the past year seem big, but I have dealt with and managed them well in my opinion. I am a big believer in support of mental… Continue reading Stressors

Compensation Motivation

At my current workplace they offer two different bonus structures to motivate employees to pick up and work additional shifts. Keep in mind, I work in the healthcare industry and currently quality or efficiency is not the biggest hurdle at the moment, it is staffing. The first bonus structure is one that is completed at… Continue reading Compensation Motivation


Having had many jobs, I have gone through a variety of training and classes, and I have definitely seen some good ones and some bad ones. My worst training experience was when I worked for a memory care facility. My training before meeting or interacting with residents was sitting in front of a laptop and… Continue reading Training

Job Interviews: Hit or Miss

I have had quite a few different jobs since I joined the workforce when I was 16 years old. As I have climbed positions and worked for different companies and establishments I have had the chance to see the varying degrees of interview processes. The interview always feels intimidating and scary, I feel when I… Continue reading Job Interviews: Hit or Miss

Job Descriptions

Developing and maintaining job descriptions is a crucial and important part of staying competitive and running an effective Human Resources department. Job descriptions can make or break your company because they bring people in or keep them out based on what is published. Why Do They Matter? The first thing a new applicant sees when… Continue reading Job Descriptions

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