The perfect blend of medicine, engineering, psychology, and art – Sarah Jacobi

In Fall 2013, I participated in the SIT study abroad program in Dakar, Senegal, which allowed me to conduct my thesis research at a prosthetics and orthotics rehabilitation center. I have always been interested in medicine, but my passion really started to grow when I found prosthetics and orthotics: the perfect blend of medicine, engineering, […]

Applying Biology to Engineering – Sarani Chatterjee

My favorite subject, throughout my school career, has always been biology. I have been fascinated with intricacies of the human body ever since my first biology class in high school. Attending Oregon State University has given me the opportunity to explore my interest in science by understanding how biology could be applied to engineering. Applying […]

Peaceful and Surreal in Argentina – Anthony Amsberry

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” – Marcus Aurelius In high school language classes, I developed a passion for Spanish culture. My studies in bioengineering here at Oregon State have spurred a strong interest in medical care. So, when an opportunity arose to experience […]

Wren Patton – Understanding and Protecting a Changing Ocean

At Lizard Island Research Station, a cluster of clean buildings on the breezy shore of a Coral Sea island, an unspoken yet strict code of conduct is in force. Next to each entrance stands a pan of water. All scientists must rinse the sand off their bare feet before entering. Recommended attire in winter: shorts […]

Making a Difference

When Deepthika Ennamuri (HBS ’14) was in high school, she was certain she wanted to attend university outside her native Oregon. But on an April afternoon during her senior year, she went to a welcome reception for students accepted into the Oregon State Honors College and found camaraderie where she didn’t expect. Now on the […]

Taking Flight

There are times when Deb Pence, professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University and 2013 Honors College Eminent Professor, has to remind herself that Corey Juarez is still an undergraduate. “He says something,” she says, “and we all say, ‘Good point! Are you sure you’re not a Ph.D. student?’ He is exceptionally sharp.” She […]

Beyond the Pinnacle

Cory Gerlach (HBS ’14), now a graduate student at Harvard University, never thought he would go to college. After “barely” graduating high school in 2005, he traveled a bit and moved to Hollywood, not giving much thought to school, not thinking it was even an option for him. “For some people,” he says, “the thought […]

Being the “Change Maker”

It does not take long to see the determination behind Jenna Wiegand’s wide smile. As she talks about the topics she is most enthusiastic about, finance and sustainability, it becomes clear that these are expressions of an underlying passion for global change. And in spring, 2014, Wiegand, a third-year Honors College and College of Business […]

Medicine in India – Claire Ostertag-Hill

Looking to gain medical exposure in a culture unlike my own, I decided to intern at the Center for Social Medicine in Loni, India. During the ten weeks of my internship, I obtained a first-hand understanding of the rural Indian medical system and witnessed a wide variety of medical cases, procedures, and treatments I never […]

Birds in the Mangroves – Tyler McFadden

During the summer of 2013, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Honduras to study mangroves and their various ecosystem services. I worked as a technician for the Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Project (SWAMP), a global initiative funded by a grant to the Center for International Forestry Research from the United States Agency […]