Striking a Match

As the weeks of the school year pile high, the typical university student begins to worship the summer. In the middle of winter, summer break is shared campus folklore, a faint promise of ease after the flood of projects and midterms has receded. But for many Honors College (HC) students, summer represents an entirely different […]

Starting with an Advantage

Universities are often imagined to be self-contained institutions isolated from the concerns and interests of the world — “ivory towers” — where students go to learn and study with remote scholars. But as Honors College (HC) undergraduates and graduate students working with Oregon State University’s Advantage Accelerator program are learning firsthand, universities are deeply connected […]

Making Research Count

At 7 a.m., Minhazur Sarker is the first person to arrive in Tory Hagen’s lab on the third floor of the Linus Pauling Science Center. Hagen, a renowned researcher with the Linus Pauling Institute, studies the human healthspan. The research that takes place in his lab is focused toward a lofty goal: promoting healthy, less […]

Presenting Summer Research

Two Honors College students, Bryan Maack and Jason Castaneda, have been selected to attend TECHCON 2013 in Austin, Texas this September. TECHCON is a prestigious research conference hosted by the Semiconductor Research Corporation, a leading technology research consortium. The conference brings together more than 300 representatives from both industry and academia and includes only 24 […]

See, Do, LEARN: Honors College Makes the Most of Students’ Service Trips

On a fall afternoon in the Honors College enclave in Strand Ag Hall, instructor Dave Kovac started a session of HC 299 by playing Blood, Sweat and Tears’ 1969 hit “God Bless the Child.” He challenged about a dozen students to hear all — every nuance — of the band’s cover of the Billie Holiday […]

Faculty Student Mixer Encourages Undergraduate Research

A group of high-achieving students eager to further their studies got a unique glimpse into cutting-edge research happening within the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (PHHS) at a student/faculty mixer hosted by the Honors College (HC) in late January. The event allowed UHC students to learn about current PHHS research and meet potential […]

Henri Jansen and Janet Lee Named Honors College Eminent Professors

The Honors College (HC) at Oregon State University has named Henri Jansen and Janet Lee HC Eminent Professors for 2014. HC Eminent Professor awards recognize faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the education and mentorship of the high-achieving students in the Honors College. “Dr. Lee and Dr. Jansen are committed to the kind of […]