The Emerald Isle – Emily Mangan

Practicing veterinary medicine has been my desire since before I began to understand the implications and the determination I would need to achieve that goal. My passion for medicine started young, and its roots are deep. My stuffed animals received a plethora of veterinary assistance from tiny hands, which used toy syringes of make-believe medicine, […]

Natural Resource Management in Madagascar – Kimberley Preston

I am a junior in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences pursuing the International Degree, and for nearly four months, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madagascar through the School for International Training’s (SIT) Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management program. I spent the first month living with an urban host family in the south of […]

African Wildlife Management – Kasey Moore

After completing a term in East Africa with The School for Field Studies’ wildlife management  program, I can say that every minute of the experience lived up to my hopes and expectations. I now understand why SFS is one of the leading study abroad programs for learning about current environmental issues and gaining hands-on experience […]

Nanomaterial Hazards – Joseph Pryor

For the last two years, I have been working in Dr. Stacey Harper’s laboratory researching the adverse effects of dendrimers. Dendrimers are well-defined, polymeric nanomaterials that are currently being investigated for biomedical applications like medical imaging, gene therapy, and tissue-targeted therapy. The project I have been working on examines the toxicity of twelve dendrimers. This […]

Building Hopes & Homes – Sam Settelmeyer

June 24th, 2013 saw nine Honors College students, one instructor, and one student advisor all on a train traveling across the Hungarian countryside to Cluj, Romania. They definitely did not fit in, as the collection of bulging luggage, miscellaneous food, and characteristically loud “American” conversations caught the eyes and ears of every local on the […]

To the West

On a typical afternoon, West Hall is quiet. The lobby walls, though, speak loudly of the energy beneath this silence. Flyers advertising social events, volunteer activities, and study groups cover the bulletin boards, and when the residents return from their classes, one of the liveliest communities on campus awakens. In fall term of 2012, West […]

Striking a Match

As the weeks of the school year pile high, the typical university student begins to worship the summer. In the middle of winter, summer break is shared campus folklore, a faint promise of ease after the flood of projects and midterms has receded. But for many Honors College (HC) students, summer represents an entirely different […]

Starting with an Advantage

Universities are often imagined to be self-contained institutions isolated from the concerns and interests of the world — “ivory towers” — where students go to learn and study with remote scholars. But as Honors College (HC) undergraduates and graduate students working with Oregon State University’s Advantage Accelerator program are learning firsthand, universities are deeply connected […]

Making Research Count

At 7 a.m., Minhazur Sarker is the first person to arrive in Tory Hagen’s lab on the third floor of the Linus Pauling Science Center. Hagen, a renowned researcher with the Linus Pauling Institute, studies the human healthspan. The research that takes place in his lab is focused toward a lofty goal: promoting healthy, less […]

Presenting Summer Research

Two Honors College students, Bryan Maack and Jason Castaneda, have been selected to attend TECHCON 2013 in Austin, Texas this September. TECHCON is a prestigious research conference hosted by the Semiconductor Research Corporation, a leading technology research consortium. The conference brings together more than 300 representatives from both industry and academia and includes only 24 […]