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Honor Roll

The Honor Roll recognizes the supporters who have contributed to the Honors College in the past five years. Donors making new pledges will be recognized as their payments are received.

Contact Kellie Parker of the OSU Foundation for information on how your support can make an impact on the Honors College and its students.

Kerry Ahearn

Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal

Casey Lane Anderson

Daniel and Wanda Arp

Penny Yano Atkins and Gary Atkins

Beau Baca

John Baham and Lynne Fullerton-Baham

Jeffrey and LeeAnn Baker

Breanna Balleby

Bharat Banskota

Karla Barrett-Curtis and Scott Curtis

Andrew and Roseann Bartmess

Belinda Batten and Bob Paasch

Adam Bean

Tomasz and Angie Beer

Vinay Bikkina

Suzanne and Todd Bodner

Heather May Bolstad

Marilyn and Ronald Bolstad

Deirdre and Douglass Borngasser

Barbara and David Brazelton

Cort and Chelsea Brazelton

Jack and Janis Breen

Tom Brown and Carol Burroughs Brown

Zeus Brunner

JoAnne Bunnage

John and Shirley Byrne

Mark and Julie Cabrales

Marlene Campbell

Thomas and Holly Chaimov

Cameo M. Cheung

John and Debra Chin

Carl and Julie Christianson

Meadow Clendenin and Alvah Stahlnecker

Michael Conan

Randall Cook

Suzanne and Michael Cordisco

Carole Ann and Richard Crateau

John and Sharon Crowell

Gildha and John Cumming

Jeremy Cutsforth-Gregory

Darlene Dahl Jones and John Jones

Brenda and Nicholas Davis

Dallas Defrees

Mary Deits-Rousseau

Joan Delich

Lauren Dillard

Leanna Dillon

Miles Dodge

Toni and Erick Doolen

Lisa and Toby Doran

John Drexler, Jr.

David and Sandy Dunahay

Kim Eagle

Susan Emerson

Michael and Jeannette Eyer

Robert and Lisa Fan

Forrest and Margaret Farrington

Brian Ferriso and Amy Pellegrin

Robert Fey and Carol Willing Fey

Douglas and Nancy Fisher

Charles and Wanda Fontanier

James and Billie Fort

Amy Frydenlund

Karen and Aaron Ganss

Anthony and Susan Gay

Sarah and Steve Geisler

Paige Gerling and Mahlon Murphy

Anne Talbott Goetze and Michael Goetze

Ryan Gordon

John and Jane Gotchall

Erwin and Kathy Grellmann

Robert Gresbrink

Gregory and Laura Grimes

Jennie and Kalan Guiley

Erin Haynes

Christie Heinonen

Larry Heinonen

Joe Hendricks and Hazel Reeves

Maria Henry

Cathleen and Michael Herbage

Gary and Jodell Hilberg

Robert Aron Horton

Kristi and Gregory Hronek

Colleen Huard

Katherine Hubler and Kevin Stoller

Wren and Leigh Hudgins

Jerry and Beth Hulsman

Linda Humphrey

John Hurd, III

Charles and Nancy Huston

Andrew Ibarra

Obidike Iheanacho

John and Judy Jendrzejewski

Gina Johnnie

Susan Johnson

Kimberlee Ann Jones and Gregory Jones

Carol Boyd Juckeland and Philip Juckeland

Jennifer Moser Jurling and Alden Jurling

Elaine and Tom Kallas

Amy and Robert Kelly

Todd Kelsay

William and Toni Kiefel

Karen Kiemnec-Tyburczy and Joseph Tyburczy

Adam and Jaimee King

Adam and Kelsie Kirkpatrick

Amy Ko

Sue Wiesner Koffel and Martin Koffel

Natalie and David Kovac

Michele Kovalik

Marsha Kowal

Kenneth and Paula Krane

Barbara Kranick

Alyson Kraus and Max Brugger

Cindy and Mark Kresge

William and Michelle Krippaehne

Jim and Bonita Krueger

Susan Lair and Douglas Trobough

Rebekah Lancelin

Hiram Larew

Jessica Leahy

Cynthia Leedham

Benjamin Legg

Brian and Christine Lewis

Kerry and Steven Lippman

Gabriela and Lance Loberg

Scott Loftin and Susan Johnston Loftin

Paul Lorenzini and Deborah Kennedy

Andrew Luckman

Wendy and Kale Lundeen

Lance and Nordica MacCartyEric and Heather MacKender

S. Thomas Magnuson

Ryan Mann and Shayna Rogers

Lily Mars

Ashley Martin

Matthew Martin

Catherine Wiltshire Maurer and Jeffrey Dea Maurer

Joseph Maxwell and Sarah Sollid Maxwell

Gail McEwen and Brian Gregor

Scott and Jessina McGregor

Anne Marie Vassallo McKinnon and Daniel McKinnon

Margaret Meehan

Rebecca Meier

Betty Miner

J. Anthony Mohr

Ann Wolfsen Montgomery

Dean Moore

Mike Moran

Gregory and Morgan Mouchka

Sarah and Timothy Myrick

Lisa Nelson

Joseph and Karen Nibler

Raymond and Carol North

Karla Nussbaum

Jim and Susan Odone

Gabriel and Jane Ojeda

Dolores and Nick Orfanakis

Karen and Michael Oster

Vikki Ott

Sanjay and Neeta Pai

Daphne Parker

Kellie and Mark Parker

Nancy and Leo Parks

Baiju Patel and Maryam Zare

Bryce Payne

Anna and Steven Peterkort

Mark and Sue Petersen

Lari and William Peterson

Carol Hill Pickard and Richard Pickard

Anna Pickering

Eleanor Piha

Kathy Pinard

Daniel and Margaret Porth

John and Sandra Potter

Michael Prince

Ravi Puri and Priyadarshini Karipalli

Candy and James Puterbaugh

Lori and Roderick Ray

Bryan Reiman

Andrea and Jon Renholds

Gregory and Jennifer Renyer

Laurie and Mark Reser

Michael Reza

Sean and Gina Riley

Blake and Rachel Robinson

Ronald and Kathy Ruthruff

Ritu and Janet Sahni

Joan and Makoto Sakaguchi

Tequa Salehi-Rad

Kristina Schnell

James and Maxine Schroeder

Karen and William Schuiling

Michael and Shelley Scuderi

Mary Alice Seville

Kyle and Stacie Shaver

Stephen Shields and Micky Elliott Shields

Francis and Yong Shotton

Barbara Siefken

Jason Siefken

Deilla and Clayton Smith

Melinda von Borstel Smith and Craig Smith

Amy and Paul Stanton

Laura and Kenneth Steinberg

Brit and Joyce Stephens

Brooke Stephens

Martin Stewart and Olga Marjorie Rojas Solis

Patrick and Vicki Stone

Joachim Strenk

Cary and Darlene Sullivan

Aaron and Linda Sundberg

Jenaya Surcamp and Chris Le May

Ariana Sutton-Grier and Nathaniel Grier

Reid Sweetkind

Cynthia and David Sweitzer

Joanne and Larry Talbert

Taralyn Tan and Ian McLachlan

James Thomas

Sarah Troutt and Chad Colburn

Robert and Carol Unitan

Julian Uselman

Freda Teitzel Vars and Charles Vars

Charles Vincent

Joe Voje

Donald von Borstel

Wayne and Marta von Borstel

Catherine and Steven Wagner

Paul and Ruta Wagner

Tristan Wagner

Sarah Walinsky

Valerie Wall

Erika and John Walton

Margaret Lance Walton

Laurie and Todd Way

Reitha Simpson Weeks and Russell Weeks

Alicia and Ian Wendler

Gretchen and Rawleigh White

Nathan and Mary White

Brian and Emily Wilkinson

John and Pamela Williams

Tara Williams

Lester Wilson and Constance Hooper Wilson

Nancy Wyatt

Mary Carlin Yates and John Yates

Bennet Sze-Bun Yee

Nicholas and Kathleen Yoke

Julius and Michelle Young

Thank you!

For more information on giving to the HC, visit us here.

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