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  • Blog Post #4

    Blog Post #4

    Getting stuck while building a new feature can put a wrench in your progress. When I get stuck, there are severals things I make sure to do to make sure I get unstuck and back to making progress again. If it’s an issue about what to do next, I’ll usually look at the story to […]

  • Blog Post #3

    Blog Post #3

    Code Commits and Pull Requests For our project, our team made the decision to host all our source code on GitHub. We split our code into two separate repositories: one for the frontend clients which rely on the Ionic framework, and one for our Express backend. As a team, we did not really discuss the […]

  • Blog Post #1

    Blog Post #1

    Coming out of college with an Economics degree, I worked as an analyst at a very well-known energy drink company for a few years. During my time as an analyst, I primarily worked in Microsoft Excel. It wasn’t until learning how to script and visual data with Python that I discovered what software engineering was. […]

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