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  • Job Tracker – Attributes as far as the eye can see…

    My teammate and I have been dutifully plugging away at our Job Tracker application. I have the database up and running. I have the tables fleshed out. I have buttons looking very nice with rounded corners and a pinch of color to make it easy on the eyes. But as I begin to add jobs […]

  • Django – not to be confused with Django Reinhardt…

    How many times have you applied for a job, only to question whether you had already applied for it. Getting your first tech job or internship can require hundreds of applications and countless hours tracking application processes, testing, interviewing and other necessary steps required to see the application process to its end. Our team has […]

  • Healthcare and Tech, the perfect marriage

    Healthcare costs continue to grow year after year with no slowdown in sight. These costs can be exacerbated by unnecessary tests, misdiagnoses, readmissions and other inefficiencies in the healthcare system. As a worker in healthcare, I witness firsthand so many opportunities for improvement through technology. As a rule, when a patient is admitted to a […]

  • Decisions, Decisions

    There are so many projects to choose from. I feel like I have sampled most of the languages required to do about 85% of the projects listed. I really appreciate the broad scope of the projects and level of difficulty which should appeal to students already in the industry as well as newbies such as […]

  • My first blog post ever…in my life!

    Oh this is kind of fun. I’m the author, my name is Holly. This is my last class, very hard to believe, 3-1/2 years later. I work full time at a pediatric hospital as a clinical documentation improvement specialist with a Masters in Health Informatics and a degree in Pre-Medicine/Biology. I have always loved tech, […]

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