The Great Places To Work!

  • Hilton

    Hilton emerges as an exceptional workplace, consistently recognized as a great place to work, with an impressive 95% of employees attesting to this sentiment. The company’s commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture is underscored by various accolades, including being ranked #2 in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® in 2023. Notably, 97% of employees express pride in their association with Hilton, highlighting a strong sense of belonging. The company’s ethos is reflected in its commitment to equality, as demonstrated by its high rankings in Best Workplaces for Women™ and Best Workplaces for Parents™ categories. This commitment is further evidenced by Hilton’s impressive rankings in the PEOPLE® Companies that Care lists. The company’s success is attributed to its focus on benefits, a familial atmosphere, and a supportive environment that nurtures both personal and professional growth. With its remarkable track record, Hilton stands out as a workplace where employees not only feel valued but also have ample opportunities for advancement and fulfillment.

    1. Employee Satisfaction and Recognition:

    • Hilton’s high employee satisfaction rate indicates a focus on recognizing and valuing its workforce. This aligns with HR principles that emphasize the importance of employee recognition in enhancing morale and productivity.

    2. Inclusive Company Culture:

    • Hilton’s diverse range of accolades, including recognition for diversity, indicates a commitment to fostering an inclusive company culture. This aligns with the emphasis in HR literature on creating diverse and inclusive workplaces for improved performance and employee engagement.

    3. Ethical Management:

    • The high percentage of employees affirming that management is honest and ethical reflects a commitment to ethical practices. Ethical management is a key aspect discussed in management literature and is crucial for building trust within an organization.

    4. Employee Development Opportunities:

    • The words used by employees, such as “opportunities,” “career,” and “growth,” suggest that Hilton places importance on providing development opportunities. This aligns with HR principles that highlight the role of training and development in employee satisfaction and retention.

    5. Strong Leadership:

    • Hilton’s positive employee experiences indicate effective leadership, as employees feel proud to work for the company and are made to feel welcome. This resonates with the leadership principles discussed in management literature, emphasizing the impact of leadership on shaping organizational culture.

    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. emerges as a standout workplace, earning the commendation of 90% of its employees who attest to its greatness. This family-oriented company, deeply rooted in values, is on a mission to enhance lives through exceptional food and outstanding service. With over 110 supermarkets in the Northeast, Wegmans creates an enchanting shopping experience, characterized by vibrant, high-volume stores offering a sensory feast of fresh produce, artisanal breads, and their own line of cave-ripened cheeses. Notably, 96% of employees express feeling welcomed upon joining the company, showcasing Wegmans’ commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. The company’s dedication to community contribution is evident in the fact that 94% of employees feel good about the ways they give back. Furthermore, with impressive rankings in Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Retail™ and Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®, Wegmans is not only a preferred workplace but also an industry leader. The company’s consistent recognition across various lists underscores its commitment to creating a workplace where employees thrive both personally and professionally.

    1. Strong Company Values:

    • Wegmans emphasizes being a values-based family company with a mission to help people live healthier lives through exceptional food. This commitment to a clear and shared set of values helps in creating a positive workplace culture.

    2. Employee Well-Being:

    • The emphasis on helping people live healthier lives extends not only to customers but also to employees. This aligns with the importance of employee well-being discussed in HR literature as a key factor in creating a positive work environment.

    3. Inclusive Culture:

    • The company’s focus on making all employees feel welcome, as indicated by the high percentage of employees feeling welcome when they join, aligns with the importance of inclusivity in creating a positive workplace. This is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging.

    4. Community Contribution:

    • The recognition that employees feel good about the ways Wegmans contributes to the community suggests a commitment to corporate social responsibility. This aligns with literature emphasizing the positive impact of social responsibility on employee morale.

    5. Resources and Equipment:

    • The acknowledgment by employees that they are given the necessary resources and equipment to do their jobs aligns with HR principles that highlight the importance of providing employees with the tools they need for success.

    Hyatt Hotels Corporation

    Hyatt Hotels Corporation stands out as an exceptional workplace, with 89% of its employees affirming it to be a great place to work. The company’s unique approach is highlighted by its reference to employees as the “Hyatt family,” emphasizing a culture of care and genuine service. This commitment to caring extends beyond colleagues to encompass guests and owners, shaping the company’s purpose and driving guest preference. The company’s belief in engaged colleagues contributing to efficient operations is underscored by its continual growth and increased presence worldwide. With over 45,000 U.S.-based employees, Hyatt is a major player in the hospitality industry, headquartered in Chicago, IL. Impressively, 93% of employees express pride in their association with Hyatt, emphasizing a strong sense of belonging. The company’s consistent recognition on various lists, including Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® and Best Workplaces in Chicago™, affirms its commitment to providing a workplace where individuals thrive both personally and professionally.

    1. Caring Culture:

    • Hyatt’s commitment to caring for people, including colleagues, guests, and owners, reflects a strong and caring organizational culture. This aligns with the importance of a positive and supportive workplace culture discussed in HR literature.

    2. Employee Engagement:

    • The belief that engaged colleagues enhance efficient operation suggests a focus on employee engagement. This is crucial for overcoming obstacles related to disengagement and fostering a workplace where employees are committed to the organization’s success.

    3. Inclusivity and Pride:

    • The high percentage of employees feeling proud to tell others they work at Hyatt and feeling treated as full members regardless of position indicates an inclusive and respectful environment. This aligns with the importance of inclusivity and employee pride in overcoming workplace challenges.

    4. Customer Service Excellence:

    • The emphasis on delivering excellent service, as reflected in high customer ratings, is a key factor in overcoming obstacles related to customer dissatisfaction. Satisfied customers contribute to a positive work environment.

    5. Professional Growth Opportunities:

    • The collaboration with owners and developers to increase the company’s global presence, leading to new channels for professional growth, is in line with addressing challenges related to stagnant career paths. Providing opportunities for career development is crucial for employee satisfaction.

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