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Nature versus Nurture

Nature vs Nurture?  Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Vitalism and Epigenetics by Michael A. Osborne For portions of the next three years I’ll be a Senior Fellow at the Aix-Marseille Institute for Advanced Study and working on epigenetic inheritance systems.   I have mapped out collaborations with European colleagues on the theme of “Scientific and Social […]

The English Diet: Roast Beef and … Salad?

By Anita Guerrini The English diet has been mythologised as one of roasted meats and few vegetables but, as Anita Guerrini concludes from a survey of early modern writings on the subject, the nation’s approach to food has been rather more complicated than that. (Read more in History Today)

What Will Our Energy Legacy Be?

By Jacob Darwin Hamblin The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan is a potent reminder of how vulnerable humans are to the shrugs and twitches of nature. Nuclear power advocates are quick to say that the compromised Japanese reactors were of an old design. But Japan is a sophisticated, technologically savvy nation. If a […]