Mapping the Universe with Robert Fox

by Laura Cray* As a self-professed library nerd, I was excited to attend Robert Fox’s lecture, Mapping the Universe of Knowledge, on Monday, May 6, 2013.  The lecture focused on work of Paul Otlet, Henri La Fontaine, and Hendrick Christian Andersen and their vision for a world united by knowledge.  Robert Fox is professor emeritus […]

Welcome to Holland: the Changing Nature of Life

by Tracy Jamison* Do you welcome change? Dr. Jane Barton began by querying the audience on their acceptance of the inevitable.  We are all human and were born with a terminal illness: Life. So how does the average person see change and how does that affect the quality of their coping skills.  As a hospice chaplain […]

Reflection: Howkins and the Environmental History of Antarctica

by Peter Rumbles* One of the most fascinating aspects of studying Antarctica – at least from a historical perspective – is that humans have only been present on the continent for the last one hundred years. While other historians have argued that to study the history of a place, a human presence is needed, Adrian […]