Exploring SCARC: Lavoisier’s Traité élémentaire de chimie

by Kelsey Kennedy   Oregon State’s Valley Library is home to many resources, including the Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC). There, students (and the curious-at-large) can find archives covering the university’s history, as well as a number of rare books, many of which are notable in the history of science. The two volumes […]

Reflection: Digital Newton Project

By Jindan Chen* Before going to Rob Iliffe’s talk on The Newton’s Project on February 28th, I skimmed through this incredibly comprehensive website about Isaac Newton. Absolutely, it is an exciting on-line read. “The Newton Project” is the name of a non-profit organization which builds up this website. The primary goal of this website is […]

The Natural Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish

By Lisa T. Sarasohn [from the dust jacket:] Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, led a remarkable — and controversial — life, writing poetry and prose and philosophizing on the natural world at a time when women were denied any means of a formal education. Lisa T. Sarasohn acutely examines the brilliant work of this untrained […]