The Natural Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish

By Lisa T. Sarasohn [from the dust jacket:] Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, led a remarkable — and controversial — life, writing poetry and prose and philosophizing on the natural world at a time when women were denied any means of a formal education. Lisa T. Sarasohn acutely examines the brilliant work of this untrained […]

Mina Carson Writing about Ava Helen Pauling

Oregon State University Associate Professor of History Dr. Mina Carson is the third person this year to have presented work supported by the Resident Scholar Program at OSU Libraries.  A professor of American Social and Cultural History, Carson’s research interests have thus far included the Progressive and New Deal eras, the gay and lesbian movements […]

A Public Option: Health Care in the American Grain

By Ben Mutschler Many countries have devised solutions to the most pressing problems we face in health care today — overwhelming costs and large numbers of uninsured and underinsured people. President Barack Obama has made it clear that the only politically viable possibilities for reform in the country must be consistent with traditional American ideals […]