Historians and scientists look back at Linus Pauling

Long-time OSU historians Mina Carson and Mary Jo Nye (emerita) contributed to a fascinating OPB documentary on chemist and activist Linus Pauling.  It includes substantial discussion of the science, the political controversies, and his partnership with Ava Helen Pauling.

The Legacy of Nuclear Radiation on Native Lands

Navajo scientist Perry H. Charley and Navajo elder Elsie Mae Begay joined with History of Science graduate student Linda Richards and others recently on a panel about radiation effects, held this April in Phoenix at the annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History.  Charley brought samples of rock from Begay’s home, along with […]

Nature versus Nurture

Nature vs Nurture?  Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Vitalism and Epigenetics by Michael A. Osborne For portions of the next three years I’ll be a Senior Fellow at the Aix-Marseille Institute for Advanced Study and working on epigenetic inheritance systems.   I have mapped out collaborations with European colleagues on the theme of “Scientific and Social […]