Aimee Hisey, a PhD candidate at Oregon State University in the History and Philosophy of Science program has recently been awarded two nationally competitive grants. Hisey was awarded the Michael Kraus Research Grant in American Colonial History and the James R. Scobie Award. The Michael Kraus Research Grant is funded by the American Historical Association and comes with a $700 prize and the James. R. Scobie Award is funded by the Conference on Latin American History and comes with a $1500 prize. The award money for both awards must be used within the year. 

The Michael Kraus Research Grant is to support research in American Colonial History. While Hisey’s research primarily focuses on Latin American colonial history, specifically the circulation of medical knowledge among Jewish surgeons in the Spanish viceroyalties, her broad application of the word “American” to encompass Latin America colonialism clearly was compelling enough to the nomination committee to award her the grant.

An interesting archival find, 18th century playing cards used as evidence in a criminal case. Archivo General de la Nación. Mexico City.

The James R. Scobie Award is given to PhD candidates with viable dissertation topics. This award was particularly significant for Hisey since she is in the early stages of her research and the money will be used to explore archives to help hone her research.

Both of these awards are nationally competitive, so to win not only will help Hisey with her research, but also has helped solidify her as one of the emerging scholars in her field. 

Aimee credits her success to always being on the lookout for funding opportunities, sometimes in unexpected places. She also has found that being a member of professional scholar organizations is a great way to find scholarships and grants. Hisey is a member of both the American Historical Association and the Conference on Latin American History, the two associations which awarded her these national grants.

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