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Capstone Project

  • Why did you choose to go into Computer Science?
    • My first degree was in Mathematics. During my studies, I took a couple of computer science courses and found that I enjoyed coding and creating new programs. After graduation, I worked as a financial planner in a bank for around 1.5 years, but I couldn’t see a future for myself in that career. Therefore, I started using my spare time to apply the knowledge I learned in school and wrote a few programs that helped with investing and trading. Later on, I realized that I could turn this into a career and started looking for software developer jobs. I also decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science to increase my chances of getting hired in that field.
  • Why did you choose the projects you did on the survey? What makes them interesting to you?
    • I chose to work on the InvestorAI matching project. There are a couple reasons why I chose this project.
    • 1. I worked in a similar setting project, it was a product which helped people match each other based their interests and time zone, due to lack of AI background, our model algorithm did not work really well and always have low matching rate. Through this project I hope I can get better understanding of AI and used of it.
    • 2. As we all know, OpenAI is now one of the best AI companies in the industry, and many other companies are using AI to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. There are countless areas where we can apply AI, and I hope that through this project, we can collaborate and develop a high-quality product.
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