Blog Post #5

I’ve seen this joke many times while browsing programming forums: The hardest thing for a CS student to do is center an element on an HTML page. When I was just starting to learn web development, I definitely agreed. I remember spending hours bashing my head against a figurative wall as I struggled to align elements on a simple webpage. It wasn’t until several projects later that I found a stray comment on one of those programming forums saying: “Just use flexbox for everything.” I decided to try that approach, and it made a world of difference in how I structured my webpages. Just one line of styling can be enough to align everything on a page, as opposed to some of my older projects that were a jumbled mess of rows and tables (which some people discourage using nowadays).

In my capstone team, the members decided to split the project so that everyone has a chance to develop full-stack. After reviewing my teammates’ code, I realized that some of them may not be aware of the savior that is flexbox. They shared their woes about struggling to align buttons and text, which I can easily relate to. I’ve made an effort to help them out by giving tips and tricks; I definitely would’ve appreciated the advice in the past when I was first learning front-end development.

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