Blog Post #2

The OSU bost-bacc program has been a very different experience compared to my first time through college. I attended a large public university where a vast majority of my peers were the same age as me. We may each have had unique backgrounds, but we were all relatively young and facing a new facet of life for the first time. We, or at the very least I, lacked life experience and confidence in navigating new waters.

This was a stark contrast to the time I’ve spent as a student in this OSU program. I’ve met peers who have previously worked as teachers for over a decade, while others have been in the tech industry for just as long. The age range is much wider, and there is a different air of maturity in our communications. We have a better grasp on our priorities and responsibilities, as opposed to when I blindly stumbled through getting my first degree.

Those were some thoughts that went through my head as I met with new team members for my various group projects.

My first programming experience in a group was in a software engineering course here at OSU. The project contents were mostly trivial; its purpose was to be an exercise in Agile development. As my teammates and I introduced ourselves, we found that one of our members was a project manager at a certain large fruit-based tech company. We immediately handed the reins to him, as he clearly had the most experience handling group projects. Over the course of that project, he was largely helpful in guiding the rest of the team via teaching coding conventions and giving detailed code reviews.

As of right now, I’ve met with my capstone team to discuss our upcoming tasks. None of us seem to have much project management experience, so there will be less guidance in that regard. But we all seem willing to cooperate and put in our fair share of work, so this will be a good chance to learn and develop our tech skills. We also agreed to build our app with React and Node, which was what I originally wanted. Personally, I’m excited to get past the administrative details and dive into coding the project.

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