Blog Post #5

I’ve seen this joke many times while browsing programming forums: The hardest thing for a CS student to do is center an element on an HTML page. When I was just starting to learn web development, I definitely agreed. I remember spending hours bashing my head against a figurative wall as I struggled to align… Continue reading Blog Post #5

Blog Post #4

When I first began learning how to code, course instructors enforced a rule that we, as students, shouldn’t use third party libraries to aid us in our programs. This rule makes sense from an educational perspective. In order to build a proper foundation for understanding code, we should start with the absolute basics. For example,… Continue reading Blog Post #4

Blog Post #3

This week, my capstone group worked on designing the project and splitting tasks among each member. It’s not the most exciting procedure, but I understand the necessity. Most of my personal coding projects have been done alone with no deadline, so there’s no point in breaking down a project into granular tasks. However, for a… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

The OSU bost-bacc program has been a very different experience compared to my first time through college. I attended a large public university where a vast majority of my peers were the same age as me. We may each have had unique backgrounds, but we were all relatively young and facing a new facet of… Continue reading Blog Post #2

Blog Post #1

Hello world! My name is Herman Cai, and I’m a student going through my last quarter of classes at OSU. This series of blog posts will document the progress I make on my capstone project for the next ten weeks. I want to keep the range of topics fairly broad; some posts might revolve around… Continue reading Blog Post #1

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