The Embedded Video Settings group relates to settings for links to video portals such as OSU Media Manager and You Tube.  It contains the following items:

  • Never Show Video Link: Hides video link when toggled.
  • In feed, show link to blog post: Provides a toggle and field to set a prefix for link to blog post.
  • Following space character: Add a following space to the prefix so it doesn’t run into title of media.
  • Use smaller font size for link: Forces a smaller font size for a link.
  • Video Object Width: Set the size for the video object up to 800 pixels.
  • Show link to plug-in page: Shows link to the plug-in page.

Adding video to a blog post is simple.  Just follow these instructions

  1. Use the Embed Video Plugin button in the WordPress editor – embed video button
  2. Paste the URL of the video into the “Insert video link URL”Embed Video Form
  3. If you do not want to display a link to the original video website, check the “Show video without link” box.  Otherwise, enter text for the link back to the original video website

When you’re done, you’ll have a video in your post, similar to the one inserted below.

At this time, the plug in only supports OSU Media Manager, YouTube, Google Video, Myspace Video and Dailymotion video.  Is there another video site that we should support?  Let us know by submitting a help ticket.