The Poll Templates features provides the ability to change various elements of your poll form when it’s displayed to an end user.

To use poll templates, you will need to be an intermediate to advanced level user who is fairly comfortable with HTML and CSS.

Poll templates utilize Template Variables (also sometimes known as tokens – indicated by the percentage sign tags).  These token values can be compared to “placeholders”.  They are slots where appropriate pieces of data fill.  The Poll Templates feature offers 23 different variables to choose from – which provides a great deal of variety regarding both the appearance and informational content of forms.

There are four main template groups that can be customized:

  • Poll Voting Form Templates
    • Voting Form Header
    • Voting Form Body
    • Voting Form Footer
  • Poll Result Templates
    • Result Header
    • Result Body (before User has voted)
    • Result Body (after User has voted)
    • Result Footer (before User has voted)
    • Result Footer (after User has voted)
  • Poll Archive Templates
    • Poll Archive Link
    • Individual Poll Header
    • Individual Poll Footer
    • Paging Header
    • Paging Footer
  • Poll Misc Templates
    • Poll Disabled (only shows when poll is disabled)
    • Poll Error (only displays if an error has occurred while processing the poll)