To add a poll to your blogsite, do the following:

  1. Go to Polls > Add Poll.
  2. Enter a question in the Question field.
  3. Provide at least two answers in the Answer fields.  If you would like to add additional options, just click the Add Answer button for each additional answer you want to include.
  4. By default, users are only allowed to provide one answer.  If you would like to allow your users the ability to provide multiple answers, change the Allows Users to Select More Than One Answer? option to Yes.
    1. If you allow your users to select more than one answer, change the Maximum Number of Selected Answers Allowed? field to the number of answers you will allow them to provide.
  5. Decide when you would like the poll to begin
    1. By default, the poll is set to start right after you create it.  If you would like to start it at a later date, just enter the desired start date and time in the Start Date/Time fields
  6. Decide if and when the poll should expire
    1. To keep the poll open indefinitely, just leave the Do NOT Expire This Poll box checked
    2. To set an automatic expiration date, uncheck the Do NOT Expire This Poll checkbox. A date and time field widget will appear.  Enter the desired end date and time in the End Date/Time fields.
  7. Click the Add Poll button
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