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  • Labor Unions

    The impact of labor unions can fluctuate across different regions.  Pros for Employees: Extra Support – Being part of a union provides a sense of solidarity among workers. Unions can offer support if conflicts arise in the workplace. Pros for Employers: Increased Productivity – Union agreements can lead to improved employee morale, enhancing overall productivity. […]

  • Stress Management

    As we go about our daily lives, we encounter many different emotions, stress being one of them. Having to deal with various responsibilities and deadlines can take a huge toll on our physical and mental health. To better navigate my stress levels, I took three stress tests.  Life Stress Inventory: Scoring a 177 on this […]

  • HR Management Motivated by Compensation During my time in high school, the decision to continue working at Kumon, a local tutoring center by my house, had greatly do to with how much I was being compensated. The $15.50 per hour was a big factor that convinced me to remain at my job, as the minimal […]

  • Effective vs. Ineffective Classes

    Effective Class: Business Process Management Business process management was hand’s down one of the best classes I have taken in college. It was an effective class for many reasons. I really appreciated the teacher’s curriculum. She incorporated a lot of real-world business scenarios and she really encouraged us to practice our skills in real life […]

  • Implicit Association Test

    I decided to take the implicit association test for age. After going through a series of tests and questions, I finally got my results back. My results mentioned that I moderately prefer older people over younger people. Prior to getting my results, I mentioned that I slighted preferred younger over older people, so I was […]

  • Effective and Ineffective Interview Experiences

    Reliability In my past interview experiences, I appreciated the companies that had a very organized interview process. This kind of process is much more reliable and the interviewees are able to have any even playing field with other candidates. I also have had interview experiences that were very disorganized and the whole process felt very […]

  • Hello world!

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