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During this season, I’m sure most of you have thought of different ways to create products safe for your home and environment. I know that when I head out to go shopping one of the biggest things I notice is that all of the antibacterial products or just surface cleaning products are sold out! I happen to be a little pickier when it comes to these products, as I only want to use what is natural and organic on my home surfaces. Luckily, I don’t beat myself up when this happens, as I know just how many wonderful cleaners exist in this category!

What kind of cleaner do I use?

With so many different ways to chose what to use, it can be extremely helpful to look at a few basic, but important details such as:

Types of ingredients in products, their cleaning abilities, what cleaning experts say, and any feedback you can find. According to, it isĀ also important to think about what kind of cleaner you want whether that’s all-purpose, degreaser, multi-surface, biodegradable, pet stain, and odor remover, glass cleaner, dish soap, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, carpet and laundry remover, and so many others. Understanding what you need is important for moving forward to find the perfect product for your own home.

Essential Oils + Cleaners? BONUS

Personally, I love products that smell good, but in a safe way, and by that I mean organic or natural products giving off a naturally clean smell or products that incorporate essential oils into their work. I feel the use of essential oils in a cleaning product helps me know that what I’m inhaling is actually safe for me and my family, along with actually boosting/helping my senses in fantastic ways. See more about how great essential oils are for you, here. Another great aromatherapeutic household product is Mrs. Meyers, which is an amazing brand that uses essential oils in their products, while also providing natural options.

One thing I’ve learned while using household cleaning products is that you really need to pay attention to what you use on your surfaces so you can be sure no bacteria is getting left behind. Most antibacterial products kill 99.9% of germs. That extra, though small, percentage can truly cause a huge problem should it go untreated. This can be resolved easily simply by using other antibacterial killing agents ontop of the surface to double up and create a barrier that will not allow the bacteria to withstand or get used to the cleaning product.

Remember in a time of uncertainty with germs or virus, to let yourself breathe and keep calm. With all the options and varieties out there for how to keep you and your family or friends safe, you can feel safer and more at ease knowing products exist that want to help you in your daily activities and make things easy on you in the long run.

A Happy You is a Healthy You

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