Herbs to Help Detox the Body of Alcohol

As we all feel the effects of quarantine, it may have you beginning to go stir crazy like it has me. The use of alcohol has skyrocketed and many of us are spending a lot more time inside, drinking, and doing any other activities we can think of while cooped up. One of my good friends recently let me know that she drank a little too much and ended up with dreaded alcohol poisoning. Those who are unfortunate enough to have felt these effects know how painful it truly can be. The dangers of alcohol poisoning are high as the symptoms can quickly lead to death. Vomiting, dizziness, passing out, low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and low body temperature are only a few of the symptoms you may risk developing during excessive consumption of alcohol. When you begin to vomit, your skin may turn blue or green due to the lack of hydration, which then increases your heart rate and in turn lowers your blood pressure. When even just a few of those complications begin to appear, Mayoclinic.org states it is important to call 911 immediately, as medical attention is very commonly needed.

Fill Your Body…With Benefits

If you are able to recover on your own, some good things to note are staying away from overly greasy foods – start out with a piece of plain bread and drink high amounts of liquids such as water or Gatorade. Rest a lot during the day and a huge tip is to not overdo your pain reliever intake. This can cause you to become nauseous again since your liver will be busy fighting the remaining acids already present from the previous night’s high alcohol content. Most importantly, stay away from drinking any alcoholic beverages for at least a day or two to give your body the longest break possible for recovering. Filling your body with things that benefit it is extremely important, this doesn’t necessarily mean to not drink but to definitely be careful, as it can have negative impacts on your overall health. To invest in a healthy body, soul, and mind, is key to living a long and beautiful life. Something that research has continued to prove beneficial for your liver is milk thistle. Apart of the flower community, it contains silymarin which is an active ingredient in the plant aiding in carrying off bile, a product of our gallbladders full of toxins and waste from our liver.

Supplements: What Each One Brings To The Table

This beneficial milk can also be paired with ashwagandha for an extra boost. Ashwagandha is native to India and is a well-known prized herb for providing stress relief from numerous health challenges such as hormone production, promoting relaxation sleep, muscle recovery, anxiety, and depression. Not only would you be caring for your body during its vital hours after excessive alcohol in your system, but promoting overall wellness through the use of ashwagandha. Both milk thistle and ashwagandha are able to be taken via capsule, tablet, liquid extract, or even tea, these processes make consuming both supplements easy!

My best friend’s mom is very adamant about making sure all her kids take vitamins each morning before starting their days. She is positive it has helped reduce their stress from school and boosted their immune systems, keeping them fairly healthy over cold winter nights. At first, I laughed thinking this was overkill, and couldn’t possibly make that much of a difference in your daily routines, or to your body’s various functions. Now a few years later, I agree that this is a very clever regimen to incorporate into your morning routines. Cell repair, hair growth, immune boost, heart rates, and even the reduction of cancerous cells, are some of the few reasons probiotics, herbs, and natural remedies truly benefit you. Another herb that contains those exact health perks is Ayush herbs, which is apart of Ayurvedic herbal products. Healthline.com helps break this down for us by explaining that these remedies “protect your body from disease and offer a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion and mental health”.

Using holistic approaches the focus is more on natural solutions and ways to still be one with nature while having a healthy mind, body, and soul. These Ayurvedic herbal companies want to give your body the best possible benefits which they have found to be approaching wellness from a natural angle, while also finding a balance with our earth, and keeping it a healthy and happy place. Oregon’s wild harvest agrees with this, and claims “our bodies are a lot like soil, and our health is directly linked to the health of the soil. Both depend on clean air, pure water, and healthy organic nutrients. Without these things, we simply can’t flourish”. Offering a variety of supplementation, Oregon wild harvest creates “pure and potent, certified organic and biodynamic herbal products” which aid in insomnia, liver and immunity support, and the balance of your mood.


Overall, staying active and healthy during this quarantine will prove to be a huge positive in many of our lives. We must focus on keeping our minds strong so we don’t fall into depression and or anxiety during times of isolation or seclusion. Natural supplements can aid in the prevention of this, and boost the promotion of overall wellness. Stay safe, stay inside, and stay healthy! A Happy You Is A Healthy You!

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