Can You Catch a Cold in the Rain? (Debunking Health Myths)

It’s easy to believe things immediately when you see them on the internet, but you never know what the research looks like behind these articles. Are they just made up or is someone truly figuring these so-called tips and tricks out? I want to break down a few things about different health myths I have found online, while also instilling a few weather jokes for a good hearted laugh to keep you all on your toes.

Tell Tale Signs Of A Cold?

For one, spending too much time outside in the cold doesn’t give you a cold! tells us that a study “found that healthy men who spent several hours in temperatures just above freezing had an increase in healthy, virus-fighting activity in their immune systems. In fact, you’re more likely to get sick indoors, where germs are easily passed”. I was always the one bundling up so tightly because I was worried if my nose started to run that was a clear sign for starting to get a cold or the flu, which clearly is not necessarily accurate information. When my nose would start to run, though, I immediately would make sure my mucus wasn’t darker colored, for I was taught that the darker it is, the more likely you have an infection. But again, this is not fully true. Dark-colored mucus can indeed mean a bacterial infection, but not always, and can commonly turn darker just from having a common cold.

Always Do Your Research

It’s important to have knowledge about what is true and what isn’t. I always suggest doing the research yourself no matter what so the information you gather is your own. People like to spread myths around in the hopes it benefits their companies or their products. In many instances, this becomes true and as humans, we end up buying into numerous different products based on societal pulls from groups that get sucked into these false advertisements. For instance, a very popular trend is the amount of water we consume. Now, this health myth is luckily a good one overall, but still, one that exudes false information. It’s said that drinking anything less than 8 glasses of water a day is specifically not good for you, and it’s important to drink over that amount each and every day. This is untrue.

Water… Too much Is Too Bad?

Drinking too much water can actually cause you to land in a state of bloatedness. Our bodies are highly efficient at letting us know when it needs something, such as water or other nutrients. In fact, most of the foods we consume contain water already, too. even says that numerous centers for disease control claim that “a healthy person can meet their daily water needs by doing two simple things: drinking when you’re thirsty and drinking with meals”. Despite this, you still see many men and women who carry around gallon jugs and giant hydro flasks to maintain a certain amount of water within their bodies, even though it is not always needed. Of course, water contains more benefits than negatives and taking in too much water has plenty of opportunities to exit our bodies. The thought process of thinking if you don’t hit that marked spot on your water bottle each day isn’t necessarily something that should worry you as much!

Most of the blogs I create are for ways to better improve our overall wellness so that we can become better versions of ourselves throughout our everyday lives. Growing up with parents who adopted me in their late 30s causes me to think about ways they might live healthy and strong lives as long as they can. I want them to be there to see the wonderful opportunities that present themselves in my life and future. We don’t always have the rest of our lives so lets take care of ourselves to see as much as we can.

A Happy You Is A Healthy You!

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