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  • Blog Post #3 – Procrastination

    So this week, the topic on my mind is my terrible habit of procrastination.  I’m 37 years old, and there are times when I revert back to the middle schooler who just doesn’t want to do my vocabulary lessons.  However, now the stakes are slightly higher when I’m dealing with important work tasks, school projects, […]

  • Blog Post #2 – Trying new things

    Welcome Back to my Capstone Blog I wrote the last blog prior to knowing what my capstone project would be.  I was assigned to the group doing an HTML5 Tower Defense game, which was my first choice.  I really like video games, and this is my chance to help create one.  Over the years, I […]

  • Blog Post #1 – Introduction

    My name is Sean Grady, and this is my final course in the post-bacc program.  Since I don’t have a specific project and team yet (at least at the time of drafting this), I thought I’d start the blog posts with a bit of introduction and discuss how this program will impact my life and […]

  • Hello world!

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