Week 10 International Move

After taking a new position to advance my career I would be moving internationally. The company that I will be moving to is Sweden. After conducting research on the cultural difference specifically with professionalism, I have found that they conduct work life balance in a significantly different way. In comparison the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions the biggest observation that I have seen is within the dimension of individualism versus collectivism. THe way that I see this come to light is through benefits at work that encourage personal and work life, also events that bring the team together rather than compete. An example of what I mean by this is that in the United States in a sales team they would have a competition to see who is the best salesmen and give them a vacation, whereas Sweden might have a team goal and ensure everyone can get a few extra days off. Some of the factors that I would need to have in order to make that move would be training not only for me but my family who would move with me. Because it is such a culture shock I believe everyone would need that to figure out their way around a brand new and foriegn place. I think it would need to be a very good offer for me to take considering the move impacts so many different areas of your life. Also the fact that I have never been there is a big risk. I think the unknown is very scary for many people, which is a big reason why its hard to get people with families to move internationally.

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