Week 8 Compensation

I used to work at a pizza parlor. When I worked there it was a really fun job with great coworkers and company culture. However, there still was a pretty high turnover. This was because of how low the pay was, not that it was wrong, it was an entry-level job. During the time that I worked there, I could see how the low pay would affect many of the employee’s behavior. An example of this was in the back during downtime employees would be very lazy and do the bare minimum. Sometimes they would even make comments saying that they were working too hard for what they were being paid and they would take a break. On the other hand, when the same employees were serving customers they would give maximum effort and put their best foot forward. The reason they were giving this extra effort in front of the customers was that they were working hard to get a tip. Knowing that they could make a few dollars in tips completely changed their attitude toward work. In the article, “Most People Have No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly” they explain this same attitude, “this may sound obvious, but our survey showed that “intent to leave” decreased in relation to how favorable an employee felt about their pay”. This makes sense because with the poor pay at the pizza parlor people left when they had an opportunity to work somewhere else with more money. 

Gallo, A. (2020, September 10). Most people have no idea whether they’re paid fairly. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved November 16, 2021, from https://hbr.org/2015/10/most-people-have-no-idea-whether-theyre-paid-fairly. 

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