Week 1

The companies that I decided to look into from the “2020 Fortune Best Companies to Work For” are Workday, Salesforce, and Ultimate Software. When I looked through what their employees had to say about them all three of the companies had similar responses. Why the employees seem to enjoy working there is because of the sense of support and community that they feel. They all iterated on feeling respected and in a community that would always help them. 

If I were to take the role as a manager one day and I oversaw a team of people I would want to follow a similar suit to what many of the companies of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” currently do. I would like to be a manager who helps cultivate a great work environment. I would want to be where the people that are working under me feel comfortable in approaching me for assistance. One thing that what would end up being hard for me as a manager is trying to have a management style that can transcend a diverse group of people. What I mean by this is that everyone has a preferred method of getting managed. This could be whether they want a more hands on approach or being able to work from afar and then collaborate when they see fit.  How I think managers can work around that hard task is to circle back to the main functions of HR from the reading “Why Did We Ever Go Into HR”. These functions are: change agent, employee advocate, administrative expert, and business partner.  These 4 roles are important to recognize because it boils down to what the core goal of your role is. In knowing the core roles, you can stay focused on what you are supposed to be achieving as a manager of someone in HR. 

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