Week 10 International Move

After taking a new position to advance my career I would be moving internationally. The company that I will be moving to is Sweden. After conducting research on the cultural difference specifically with professionalism, I have found that they conduct work life balance in a significantly different way. In comparison the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions the… Continue reading Week 10 International Move

Week 8 Compensation

I used to work at a pizza parlor. When I worked there it was a really fun job with great coworkers and company culture. However, there still was a pretty high turnover. This was because of how low the pay was, not that it was wrong, it was an entry-level job. During the time that… Continue reading Week 8 Compensation

Week 6: Training

As a senior in college, I can reflect back here at my time at OSU and very clearly identify courses that I liked and thrived, classes I didn’t like so much and felt as if I had to give everything to barely hold on, and everything in between. One class in particular that stands out… Continue reading Week 6: Training

Week 5: Extra Credit/Implicit Bias

Week 5: Extra Credit I ended up taking the transgender social aptitude tests of the Harvard University Project implicit simulation. My conclusion ended up being, “Your data suggest no automatic preference between Transgender People and Cisgender People” which is a very great result in my opinion. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have any… Continue reading Week 5: Extra Credit/Implicit Bias

Week 5: Interview Bias

Every interview that I have partaken in thus far has been a remote video call or phone call. In most of my interviews, I have spoken to 2-4 people within the company, each time speaking to a person for 30 minutes. This is something that I really enjoyed as I got to see a better… Continue reading Week 5: Interview Bias

Week 4: Job Descriptions

Throughout my time working, I have participated in jobs that have relatively self-explanatory job descriptions.  This made the actual job description easy for firms to maintain because the role was simple and didn’t change over time or evolve. I know that this isn’t the case for most jobs and job descriptions. Roles and responsibilities constantly… Continue reading Week 4: Job Descriptions

Week 1

The companies that I decided to look into from the “2020 Fortune Best Companies to Work For” are Workday, Salesforce, and Ultimate Software. When I looked through what their employees had to say about them all three of the companies had similar responses. Why the employees seem to enjoy working there is because of the… Continue reading Week 1

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