Fall Internship – Week 2

I started my Fall Internship at a local finance company as a software engineer intern last week (as mentioned in my previous blog post). This was a backend engineering position which was great because I had no real-life experience with backend engineering. I experienced a different work style and social culture for the companies I… Continue reading Fall Internship – Week 2

Fall Internship

I started my Fall Software Engineer Internship this week. It is at a local financial company doing backend engineering. Before this internship, I was unemployed for about a month and it was the longest one month of my life. During my unemployment month, I finally got the rest I needed. I was able to watch… Continue reading Fall Internship

No pain, no gain

My name is Sang Ok Suh. I’m currently taking the last class of the OSU post-bacc CS program, the class that’s forcing to me start this blog. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never really had the courage to do it, maybe because I’m not confident with my writing skills or maybe… Continue reading No pain, no gain