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So this is a conversation that I had with my boss this week and thought it could be a good place to get my thoughts out about the personal development goal and some ideas about it. The conversation wasn’t just about this, but also my goal for the year in terms of what projects I achieve. He had already given me some of the things that I would be accomplishing in this year so I didn’t need to worry much about the goals.

In terms of my personal development goal, well, I was a bit unsure of what to do. He had given me some ideas and I also had thought of some for myself during the meeting but never really came to a conclusion as to what I should put down. So how about let’s talk through the goal.

So a personal development goal is basically as it reads: what skill do you want to develop in the next year? And that kind of question is so broad because sometimes you don’t even know what you should or want to learn even now. As well as there should be a way to measure your development so by the end of the year you have something conrete to show for your development. My boss gave me some ideas and I’ll expand on them.

So first, and arguably the hardest to measure is time management. Now this is a skill that can apply to most anyone. Don’t think I havea to go too deep into this one, but being able to manage your time to the point you don’t feel overwhelmed or behind schedule or ensuring that you have the time in order to work on things and stay productive is a great idea. Highly recommend this for the people that feel like that need to work on their time management. Also a good fall-back option if you can’t think of any.

Another one is a programming language in terms of data analysis, data visualization, and web development. Of course you are not limited to those types of usage for programming language but those are more relevant for my position. You could learn to write a script that will be able to take in data and format it and print out a graph that gives valuable information or make a web app that allows the user to control what you want to visualize or some internal tool that the company would have a great use for, it’s a vague but also specific type of goal that I really like since you can specify what you language you want to learn, but not entirely sure what you could use it for in terms of business value.

The next one is documentation. Now this is something that I’ve never learned much about and so far I’ve done a little bit of this in my position, but this would make it so that I would be doing more documentation on project requirements, or the test plan or the test report and so on. I really like this one simply because I do not have the best skills in terms of documentation, but something that’s extremely useful in the field in general.

The last one I will go over is Cloud Application development. Recently I saw a teammate use AWS for scaling to run a job and that got me interested in maybe learning more about AWS/Google Cloud Engine/Azure since those are both incredibly valuable skills for jobs as well as something that we’re seeing more and more of. Another highly recommended development goal. Doesn’t help that there’s a class here at OSU about this exact topic so if you’re still missing one class to finish the program like I am, its a good way to get the most usage out of your development goal during the year.

Now personally, I’m going with the programming languagae goal. I dipped my toes into Golang in summer and since then, I’ve been looking for a good project to learn this incredibly useful language in. Haven’t found it in the personal project realm, but putting it to use for a web application or for developing a cloud application I can see this being incredibly useful in the long run and hope to develop some great Golang skills by learning more and more about what I can do.

Hope you maybe start to think about your development goal and maybe even come up with one for this year!


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