Yesterday’s event was another success. With help from the Marketing Club, we hosted the “How to Market with $0” event. Five teams pitched their ideas on how to market OSU student Alex Dassie’s new product “Seiji’s Bridge,” a one-of-a-kind Frisbee that plays music.

Each team competed for prizes and were judged on creativity, feasibility and company fit. Seiji’s Bridge helps people with disabilities through physical activity and music therapy. All teams agreed that Seiji’s Bridge should work with Star Sports, a company at OSU that reaches students with disabilities through sports. A few teams also agreed that working with Oregon Special Olympics would show the compassionate and practical side of the business.

One of the most creative marketing strategies that fits best with the company best is getting doctor testimonials and displaying those on Seiji’s Bridge’s website and sharing them on Facebook to get the word out.

Another interesting marketing idea is to partner with schools to incorporate the product with students who have disabilities as a form of therapy and physical activity for the students.
On a campus-based outreach, teams suggested creating a video of OSU students playing ultimate Frisbee with the product.

All of the ideas would reach the three goals from the criteria, since there is no cost associated with them, these strategies can easily be put into action. This product is made for all people wanting a fun, new interactive activity.

For more information on the product, check out


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