The best solution scientists have found is the combination of thinning followed by a prescribed burn to consume residual fuels left behind. If budgets from federal agencies directed more funds to preventative measures instead of waiting for a fire event to take place, communities in the WUI would be much more prepared and have a… Continue reading Recommendations


In the past few decades, wildfires have been increasing all over the United States. These fires have put people in danger and have caused billions of dollars worth of property damage. The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) has expanded by more than 46 million acres in the past 20 years (Hodgins, 2018). Also, natural resources like… Continue reading Highlights

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Historically, natural events as well as native American tribes have ignited wildfires that were able to periodically mitigate the build-up of biomass on landscapes. Early settlers with European land management mindsets largely viewed all wildfires as disruptive and destructive with no beneficial roles. The Willamette Valley alone was intentionally burned on an annual basis by… Continue reading Fast Facts

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