After weeks and months of spec’ing particular cameras, photographing the VC from all angles, and poring over software to handle our massive (for us) suite of video devices, the first cameras are being installed.


You’d think after all that scoping the installation would go quickly. It is, to a point. First we have to find ethernet cables long enough to run to all the drops we have (easier since we installed extra drops for just this purpose), then we have to make sure the ethernet ports are activated, then we have to figure out which IP address goes to which camera, and finally, we have to position the camera, probably the trickiest part.

We have a good head start from all the work McKenzie did, but Gene and I still spent a couple of hours figuring the right height, angle, and zoom so the first 10 could be permanently mounted. Near the wave tanks, too, we’ll have two cameras on poles that will be secured with straps, so they will be somewhat moveable if we cover the angles in another way. The angle, zoom, and focus will be re-done after each is mounted, of course, but a first-pass assured us we had the position right to capture the parts of the exhibit we were hoping to capture. And, of course, we’ve moved exhibits around since the last time we planned camera locations …

Behind the scenes, we have the computer system and software setup to watch what’s going on, though we still need to set up remote access to view the cameras. For now, we’re getting close to having eyes on the VC entrance and exit points, the octopus tank, the touch tanks, and the wave tanks. It’s cool to see what was only a plan actually start to be put in place, and relatively on schedule, too!

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