Oregon State University’s beloved research vessel, the R/V Wecoma, will be retiring at the end of March.  Her replacement, the R/V Oceanus, is already on its way to Newport from Woods Hole.  As of this posting, the Oceanus is South of Jamaica on her way to the Panama Canal.  You can follow her progress via webcam and location map here.  The image refreshes every 10 minutes.

While you’re on the webcam site, you might want to check out the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory webcam.  This webcam, refreshed every minute, provides a glimpse into the kind of research we’ll be sharing with the public through our Visitor Center wave tank exhibit.

Some of OSU’s other interesting webcams include the Java II coffee kiosk cam (pixelated for privacy), the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest webcam, the Marys Peak Observatory webcam and, of course, the Hatfield Marine Science Center outdoor webcam.



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