Fortune TOP 100 Assignment

The management of human resources is crucial to the overall success and sustainability of businesses for a number of reasons. The primary responsibility of human resources is to raise employee performance, which enhances overall business performance and increases output. HR services cover everything a company needs to manage and develop its workforce. Recruitment and hiring are two of HR’s fundamental duties.

Hilton, The Cheesecake Factory, and Cisco [1] are really good companies with great feedback from their workers, the great structure that the HR management provides for the work environment makes those companies a great place to work. These companies understand that HR Management is a crucial part of their success and they know how important the workers so by making a great structure along with great HR Management the company will be great.

Each organization may benefit greatly from effective human resource management. This is due to the crucial role human resource management plays in preventing corporate anarchy. As a manager [2] I would like to put a method where I will respect my workers, you must be acquainted with both the personal and professional lives of your employees in your capacity as an HR professional. As an HR manager, you must be emotionally savvy with your staff. You must be their shoulder to cry on when they are distressed and unable to find a direction or focus on their task, you must establish a company-wide example by following these practices. [3] You must always be willing to walk the walk. The most important task of every HR manager is to stay organized. Interview scheduling, dealing with candidates, assisting employees with work and personal issues, reviewing corporate strategy and planning, and performing timely and fair evaluations