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  • Labor Unions

    Some of the benefits to labor unions is that they have the ability to collectively bargain. This allows them to negotiate things like better wages, benefits and what kind of working conditions they will work in. The ability to collectively bargain gives them more ability to establish these standards and achieve them. Another benefit of […]

  • Week 9 Stress

    For the Life Stress Inventory test I scored a 185, which is higher than I would have originally expected. Typically I feel like a pretty low stress person and when I do get stress I can typically snap out of it fairly quickly. I was surprised to learn that because of the score I have […]

  • Week 8 Compensation

    My buddy had gotten a job down in southern Oregon working for a general contractor. The job was very appealing and the pay was decent and the people were really nice and supporting in the development of your career. But I had worked with a general contractor this summer as an intern up in Portland. […]

  • Week 6 Blog

    One of the classes I found to be the most beneficial to my degree, construction engineering management, was my Revitt class. This is a 3D modeling software for buildings. This is not something I will be doing when I go into work but what I found most beneficial about it is how it taught me […]

  • Week 4 Blog Assignment

    Having accurate job descriptions is very important. Job descriptions need to be very clear and concise of what is needed from a person to fulfill the position. If job descriptions are not accurate a person may be confused and will leave job, giving the company a high turnover rate. I did my first internship this […]

  • Fortune Best Companies

    The companies I chose are Hilton, Stryker and American Express. Employees at Hilton describe the company as a team, family, personal, friendly and positive. Employees at Stryker describe the company as a culture, opportunity, 401k, benefits, strong, and time balance. Employees at American Express describe the company as a balance, benefits, colleagues, time, leadership and […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to blogs.oregonstate.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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