Self Reflection

What I am good at is being persistent and thinking outside the normal lines of inquiry. I believe that I am good at this because I am able to keep going at tasks and jobs despite roadblocks. I am good at thinking outside the box because I get distracted and think otherwise.

I value the ability to live comfortable and on my own terms. There are different paths I can take to get to that goal. But I value being able to live life on your own terms, this is so important for me because of the situation we as young people find ourselves in.

I got where I am right now by being able to go through tough situations no matter the circumstances. I think it is valuable to be able to push through challenges, and I have done for most of my life. I got here through keeping my head down and getting through it no matter what.

I want to go somewhere where I actually enjoy doing my job and my everyday life. I want to go somewhere where I can be comfortable and be able to enjoy life without slaving away in a office for the rest of my life.

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