The results of my test showed that my top scores in all categories activity levels, sympathy, orderliness, vulnerability, and liberalism. These results make sense to me and stay in line for what I expected for the results of this test. I was surprised at the amount of questions that were asked and how some of the questions were the opposite of previously asked questions. They did not seem specific enough in some instances to really determine any of these things specifically.

An employer would likely look at these with a large bias. The way people answer these types of surveys and tests is usually with honesty. The results can often be squeing in a way that makes it seem as they are not qualified or a good match because of their results. In reality they might actually be a great match for the position, but the employer will simply look for people who are amazing matches when in reality the people whos results look like that are probably being dishonest with their answers. This will cause honest people to get tossed aside while people who choose to lie will get a second looking at. This essentially makes the whole point of a test like this pointless.

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