Typical Vs Max performance

            If I had to choose between the two employees to hire it would depend on the type of work that my business does and the one that fits in well with the business model.

            The type of job that would best fit Avery is a job in which there is a lack of consistency in the everyday work day. Things that have variables that make the work inconsistent in terms of days working and the actual work in question. This works for any form of freelancing or jobs that are dependent on events or things happening in order to have work. This would be a newspaper or a law firm.

            The type of work that would best fit someone like Jamie is something that has consistent work and duties no matter outside factors. A job that will still have to do the same functions and responsibilities regardless of potential variables. Things like accounting firms and manufacturing where the same job has to be done no matter what happens with clients. Where a law firm would react to a clients case a manufacturing company simply just makes more of their said product. Both workers have there pros and cons, but obviously fit into the mold of either company well.

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