Personal Brand

                The brand that I present to an potential employer is one of reliability, perseverance, and hard work. The impression that I will give out is the impression is that they can trust me with what they hired me to do. The sense that whatever they are hiring me to do for them I will be reliable in whatever action it is.  In terms of weaknesses I would say that a big weakness for me is the tendency to hyper fixate on singular tasks. I have a habit of focusing on one task when I get stuck rather than switching to something else.

                One of the way I would go about presenting myself in a way that emphasized my strengths and the brand I want others to associate me with is by providing examples from previous employment. For example, I would use my time at my summer job and current employment to demonstrate how my strengths made me a good match for those jobs. During my summer work with the Oregon State University athletic IT department my skills with organization and negotiation made me a great match for the position. Another way I will present my brand to employers is by emphasizing my skills and how they apply to job in question. For example showing that I am good with working with clients and customer service would lend really well to the job they are hiring me for. Finally I will further emphasize my brand by showing how my weaknesses can be used as strengths. For example, using my hyper fixation weakness as a strength to show that I am capable of putting in lots of time and effort into singular tasks. Even though it could be seen as a weakness I can turn it into a positive and something that many employers would see as a positive.

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