Job Descriptions

            My current job that I work at is the last job that I applied to and am working with. I currently work for the Oregon State Ecampus. I used the Oregon State employment website to find the job. The job description was broken down into several sections, including job responsibilities,  skills required, and the job hiring process. It was very clearly outlined what exactly I would be responsible for, what I needed to have in terms of skills, and how exactly they would go about potentially hiring me. The part that really appealed to me within the job description was specific details on the exact types of work I would be doing. Unlike previous jobs that I had applied too, this description was extremely clear on what I would be doing. Another thing that really made the job stand out to me personally was that the skills required fit into my personal skill set. Finally the hiring process inspired confidence in actually working with this department. The interviews were extremely straightforward and all my questions were answered well. Unlike previous job interviews that I had been through this one did not seem to hide any negative things about the job and was extremely forthcoming about all aspect of the work I would be doing. Everything they mentioned within the job interviews and description was completely accurate to my experience actually working with the department. Overall this job has been the best job I have had in college and I was very lucky to stumble across it.

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