Corporations and Discrimination

                I come from a background that I have been lucky and privileged enough to never really experienced discrimination in any place. That being said people I care about have faced discrimination in multiple ways. It is an issue that is really prevalent in modern day and is actually a lot more common within companies than publicly perceived.

                For this example I think my opinion of a company would change drastically if I knew they were discriminating against anybody. Like I previously said I have never been discriminated against, but if I found out that my favorite company was discriminating against anybody in general my opinion would change drastically. This gets into a deeper issue, which is that nobody should have a “favorite” company or corporation.  Businesses and corporations, no matter the product they produce, are not anybody’s friend. Unless they are non-profit, they exist solely for profit While they might have large throngs of fans, there is absolutely no reason these corporations can not be held accountable on discrimination to the same level that individuals are. I can think of several examples off the top of my head of companies clearly choosing profit or appealing to a certain group over doing anything about discrimination. The wide range of fast food chains that donate to anti-lgbtq organizations or legislation are a perfect example of this. In conclusion, my opinion of any company can alter drastically regardless of my liking of the company. Corporations motivation is only profit and most of the time if they choose to do some to help with discrimination there is a profit motive behind it.

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