Job Applicant Experience

The last real job or internship that I applied for was an oppurtunity for a summer internship with one of the big four accounting firms Deloitte. I had originally found the position via and Oregon state career fair specially centered around the big four companies. During the said career fair I had talked with several recruiters and employees from Deloitte and had made a good connection. However the vibe I got from a lot of the employees rubbed me the wrong way, I always had a feeling that there was lots of things they were not mentioning. Further I had gone to several events held by Deloitte itself focused on networking for summer internships. Finally culminating in me applying for a handful of opportunities. The applications themselves were long and tedious, with vague descriptions. I had an initial interview in which I thought went well, but afterwards had complete silence from them for several months. Ultimately leading to a rejection email for the positions I applied too.

                My experience was heavily shaped by my interactions with the employees I met and talked to through Oregon State University career fairs and meet/greets through the company. The attitudes that the employees had during the career fairs gave an impression that the company might not be as organized as they initially gave off. Talking with the employees actually dampened my want to work there because they gave me honest opinions on being there for a long time. In some aspects I respected them telling me the truth of working there.

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