Corporations and Discrimination

                I come from a background that I have been lucky and privileged enough to never really experienced discrimination in any place. That being said people I care about have faced discrimination in multiple ways. It is an issue that is really prevalent in modern day and is actually a lot more common within companies… Continue reading Corporations and Discrimination

Better recruitment means better products

                A company might decide to allocate more resources towards marketing and product design over recruitment because its more convenient. Recruitment implies the need to find new staff and new hires, rather than just funneling resources to staff that are already under your employment. Further recruiting effectively can actually cost a decent chunk, so the… Continue reading Better recruitment means better products

Job Applicant Experience

The last real job or internship that I applied for was an oppurtunity for a summer internship with one of the big four accounting firms Deloitte. I had originally found the position via and Oregon state career fair specially centered around the big four companies. During the said career fair I had talked with several… Continue reading Job Applicant Experience