Human Resource Management

  • Union Benefits to Employers

    For my blog post this week I decided to look deeper into unions and the benefits they can have for all parties that are tied to them. I first focused on the benefits it could have to employers because this is where I lacked the most knowledge on my own. I found this article: […]

  • Week 9

    After taking all of these tests I scored 115 on the stress inventory test, a 63 on problem-focused coping on the Coping and Stress Management test, and 44 on impatience on the Type A personality test. I was not surprised by the Type A personality test generality, because it says I tend to have warm […]

  • Week 8

    One example o myself engaging in behavior where compensation was a motivating factor was just a few weeks ago when I was looking for jobs after graduation. I interviewed two companies that I really liked and I received an offer from both of them. There was one job that I liked slightly more but had […]

All about Human Resource Management for Spring 2023