Human Resource Management

  • Week 9

    After taking all of these tests I scored 115 on the stress inventory test, a 63 on problem-focused coping on the Coping and Stress Management test, and 44 on impatience on the Type A personality test. I was not surprised by the Type A personality test generality, because it says I tend to have warm […]

  • Week 8

    One example o myself engaging in behavior where compensation was a motivating factor was just a few weeks ago when I was looking for jobs after graduation. I interviewed two companies that I really liked and I received an offer from both of them. There was one job that I liked slightly more but had […]

  • Training and Development

    One training that I have had at work that I found to be beneficial was at my job in a tanning salon where our main goal was to sell memberships to customers that came in. The training that we had lasted about the first week of working there. Each day of our first week we […]

All about Human Resource Management for Spring 2023