Here is one more from the brush, setting chokers with the OSU logging crew.



Hopefully I will have more pics from this week, with all the activity I haven’t been online much. We are enjoying Central Oregon and learning a lot at the same time!!!

Hi all! Last week was jam packed with activities! We went to a young stand to measure board feet/acre. and made a new friend. ¬†We did some measurements in a mature stand as well, we spent the day learning about hydrology. We took measurements of habitat types in a creek, caught invertebrates, and¬†measured volume of water in Mary’s River. We also got to watch some logging operations. Its been busy so there hasn’t been much time to post but I will try to get some more pics on later!!20130920_140815




Hello all, my name is Autumn and I am a Forest Management student. I am a single mom of a 14 year old girl who is just starting high school. I have worked in forestry since 2002 when I started my career as a wildland firefighter for a private company that does other forestry related contracting as well. For the last 2 summers I worked as a YCC crew leader with the USFS working with teens in the woods doing all kinds of things like wildlife habitat enhancement projects, invasive plant removal, and trail maintenance.

So far every day has been packed with so much information, I have returned home tired from processing everything. It is great that we have such a small group, we all are getting to know each other while learning in a positive group setting. I really need to brush up on my statistics calculations, but each day I am excited to see what Jim has planned for us to learn.


See you all tomorrow,