Sunday morning and we are all packed and ready to head over to the East Side for the second week. We met up with Arne for one more time to drive over to the Sno-Tel site located at the top of the pass at the ODOT transportation rock yard. Got to the site and waited for Arne. And waited. Meanwhile, Arne is at the “Other” Sno-Tel site waiting for us…and waiting. Who would eer think to put two similar facilities within a few miles of each other. OK, no big deal, we finally all got together and Arne went through a discussion of the Sno-Tel monitoring site and the changes in precipitation as we moved from the wet west side to the dry east side. All of this as the rain moved in and winter let us in for a brief look at what was to come later.

We bid goodbye to Arne and continued east for a little bit more until we got to our home for the next week, Suttle Lake. Although I was in the pickup in the lead with Colin, we could both hear the oohs and awes from the back vans as we made the turn into the Suttle Lake Lodge area. First glimpse was the main lodge and the Lake. I know, it’s gonna be a tough week ..

IMG_0225     Then we got our cabins and the main cabin where we will have our morning meetings and evening get togethers…

IMG_0227  and inside, our meeting room  IMG_0228  Not sure how much of this “roughing it” we can all stand!

Well a bit of time off until dinner tonite so several folks went off on the 3 1/2 mile hike around the lake, others went on hikes on the Forest Service trails, and the Main Lodge had Sunday NFL on the Big Screen in the upstairs conference room. SAeveral of the students had to have their arms twisted to take part in that one!

6 PM and it was time for our briefing and work schedule for the week…. at our dinner spot… Pizza in Sisters. Poor guy was about an hour from closing up his pizza shop when 16 of us walk in. Great time had by all including the owner. Just about to leave and head back when someone mentions that nexr door is ice cream. OK, time for another meeting.

What a tough day this has been for us. Thank goodness we get back to work in the morning!

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